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Warrington Baseball

Summer Season

Connie Mack

The summer travel league for 12-16 year-olds is based more on player talent than on age or guaranteed participation. Tiered with an A Team at the top, and B1, B, C1 and C teams descending below, there are tryouts, and player rostered based on where the player belongs physically and emotionally.

Warrington makes every effort to place all registered players on a team, but registration numbers, and player talent will ultimately dictate if this is possible. Players will be double rostered to fill the roster of 18 players, though most teams carry 13-15 primary players.

The B (generally 14-15 year-olds) and C (generally 12-14) teams are more developmental, while B1 (15 & 16) and C1 (generally 13 & 14) are far more competitive. All players have opportunities to eventually play for the A Team.

There may be more than one team at any given level, or none at any given level, dictated by player registration and rostering.

The season begins in mid-May and ends by the end of June. The A Team may qualify for the State Tournament which runs into August.

Senior Connie Mack

Connie Mack offers a Senior Connie Mack program for ages 17-21 with games being played on Wednesdays and Sundays. This is a Wood Bat only division.

American Legion (Junior/Senior)

The summer travel league is for players 13-19 and is a national organization. Tryouts are held for the season that begins in mid-May and runs through early-July with the opportunity to qualify for regional Playoffs in July and a national Tournament in August. Warrington is a member of the Bux-Mont American Legion.

Junior Legion has two age groups, Prep for ages 13-14 and Junior for ages 14-16. The age groups are based on birth year.

Senior Legion is availabe for ages 16-19.

Connie Mack Quick Facts

Eligible Ages

Connie Mack (12-16)
Senior Connie Mack (17-21)

Season Dates

mid-May through June
Games are played on weekdays and weekends
Season ends with a playoff tournament

American Legion Quick Facts

Eligible Ages

Prep Legion (13-14)
Junior Legion (14-16)
Senior Legion (16-19)

Season Dates

June to August
Games are played on weekdays and weekends
Season ends with a playoff tournament
Teams may qualify for State and Regional competition

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