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Warrington A's Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are a necessary and important ingredient for the success of the Warrington A's!

To confirm to Pennsylvania State and insurance requirements, the following policy and compliance steps are required for all Warrington A's volunteers:

  • All appointed volunteers or those with regular contact with members who are minors of Warrington A's must pass the PA Volunteer criminal and suspected child abuse background check.
    • Volunteers must submit their 2 (two) PA background clearances to the Warrington A's Background Check Coordinator prior to engaging in any direct volunteer capacity.
    • Legal adults may volunteer if they have scheduled, but not completed, FBI finger-print appointments because they have not been a resident of PA for the last 10 years.
  • Warrington A's expressly forbids any 1:1 direct contact between a volunteer and player without the direct consent of the parent or guardian, or only in a life-threatening/injury situation as outlined in our registration waiver required to participate in any Warrington A's activities.
  • If a member of the Warrington A's wishes to report a violation of this volunteer policy, they should send an email to [email protected]. This email address is accessible by all members of the Warrington A's executive board and will be acted upon in a reasonable time frame.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Warrington A's Executive board at [email protected]

Pennsylvania State Mandated Background Checks

Please submit your clearances to [email protected]

  1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check
    All volunteers needing clearances under the law shall be required to obtain a criminal background check run by the Pennsylvania State Police. (No need to register, just click on the yellow box.)

  2. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse Clearance
    All volunteers needing clearances under the law shall be required to obtain a child abuse clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. (You will need to register for an account on the site.)

  3. Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint-Based Background Check
    Volunteers needing clearances under the law that have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for less than ten consecutive years (including the current year) must obtain a fingerprint-based FBI Background Check. This background check carries a $27.50 fee, but must only be obtained once provided you continue to live in the state of Pennsylvania. You must register and pay before you visit the fingerprinting site (note that some may require that you call ahead to register for an appointment).
    • Visit
    • Click on “Digital Fingerprinting.” On the next screen, enter the Service Code, which is: 1KG6ZJ.
    • Click on Schedule or Manage Appointment.
    • Click on Locate an Enrollment Center first to find the location to complete your fingerprints check that is closest to you, then go back to the Schedule an Appointment option. The company is continuing to add new fingerprinting locations.
    • Follow the prompts for completing the required information and printing the registration form to take to the fingerprinting location.

  4. Pennsylvania Volunteer Affidavit
    Volunteers that have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the last ten consecutive years are exempt from the fingerprinting check but must complete an affidavit affirming as such. See Form PA-10-yr-Resident-Affidavit.
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